Hello guys,

 My name is sachin kumar. I'm 18 years old. I'm an student. And since 2018 I have been teaching people editing photos on the Internet. Earlier I have worked on many different websites. And I also teach photo editing on my YouTube channel. I was trying to isolate something from my heart and I was very interested in photography and cinematography. And now I run YouTube and this website in part time.

this is my website. https://www.Sahasocialeditz.blogspot.com where I'm going to teach you photo editing in English and Hindi. It will provide information about Lightroom mobile tips, lightroom mobile presets, PS touch tips, lightroom mobile editing tutorial, manipulation bagrounds, earn money by editing photos, Letest photo editing styles, etc. This blog is designed for you to do something new.

 Apart from this, on my youtube channel, the same name is Saha social. There, I put releted videos of photo editing. There you will find videos above the same subject. If you want to get it right, do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you have any questions or you have suggestions, please share it with me at Sk7808204@gmail.com and you will be able to reply within 24 hours. (related on your question)

About us:-

Name- Sachin kumar

City- Bhagalpur

State- Bihar India

contact:- Sk7808204@gmail.com