Today,I wil Tell You How You Can Use Adobe Lightroom cc Mobile Well And How To edit Your Photo Very well.This App is Very Easy To use.

Before This You Will Know That Lightroom is A Color Grading App and In this App You can Color Grading your Photos very Easily.There are Some Important Tools In The app which You Need To Know.

Tools Name:- 

1.Selective Tools
2.Heeling Tools
3.Profile Tools
4.Auto Tools
5.color Grading

•Slective Tools:- 

In This tools,You can Select Something Inside Your Photo and Change uts color and Brightness according to you,But You will Not Get These tools For Free, but You do Not takes Any Problem,i Will Give You the Premium version of This App for Free,In Which all The Tools wil be Free.

•Heeling Tools:- 

This Tools Helps In Something her face like removing pimples and Staines on Your Face But You will Not Get These Tools for Face,i will Give You the Premium Version Of This App.

•Profiles Tools:-

In this Tools You Get A Lot Of Effect presets So that You Can Edit Your Photo Very quickly and It will help You To give A Different effect to your Photos and This Tools Free For Every One.

•Auto Tools:-

This Tools Is Very Important for all of You because with This tools you Can adjust the Lighting and Color of Your Photo in one click.

•Mix Tools:-

these Tools are Just Like Photoshop and This Tools is very Important if you Want to edit your Photos this tools you can Adjust all the color inside your Photo according to you such as Brightness, saturation and Color and this Tools for free everyone on Playstore.

To Use any Editing app you need to Know its tools,if you understand about all These Tools,then you will not have any problem in using Adobe Lightroom.

System requirements:-

1Gb Ram
Android kitkat
Minimum 4 gb storage

I hope guys You Can Understand All This Tools And easy To use Lightroom Mobile app.Then,edit Your Photo.